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Hammerwave Solutions | Web Designers in Cebu is a Web Agency and Web Marketing company in Bacayan, Cebu City, Philippines. The company provides Internet Marketing services like web design, online marketing for small and medium size businesses. Our services helps owners grow their business through the use of social media marketing, web marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

In the modern age, businesses that cannot adapt to the new changes of the modern world will most likely lose to their competitors. Today it’s unimaginable to run a small business or a corporation without an online platform. A professional or individual website can increase your sales, maximize your profit and even draw new clients. Owning a website is no longer an additional marketing tool, it is a necessity. If your goal is to reach your target audience, spread your influence and establish communication with more potential clients, then Hammerwave Solutions provides online web marketing solutions that let business owners communicate easily their clients and customers in the internet.

We love to work with clients who have a passion of  business growth over the internet by using the latest technology available today.

Why Choose Us?

Hammerwave Solutions started as contractors in Upwork.com a freelance website and we’ve been in the web design and online marketing industry business since 2011.

Consequently, that time we’ve been doing  freelance and contractual jobs designing websites for small businesses companies who outsourced their jobs overseas. We also cater many businesses, organizations and individuals in our local area. We are a talented and creative individuals willing to help business owners grow and market their businesses through online marketing.

As our Slogan goes ” Bringing Modern Business Solutions”,  therefore, we provide the best online marketing solutions for your business.

So, if you are looking for a modern solutions for your business, then contact us through our contact us page and we will be very happy to discuss you on how we can help market your business online.

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Meet our Team

 Web Designers in Cebu - Web DevelopersAce Astillero – Internet Marketing Analyst 

A web marketer and founder of Hammerwave Solutions. Ace started working as a freelancer web developer since 2004 and then in 2007 he works full time as Advance Technical Support in one of the largest Web hosting Company in the whole world. His experience in Web hosting, Domains and Internet Technology for more than 7 years helps him gain sufficient knowledge to start establishing a small web designing company in Cebu. He helps in contacting clients and setting up appointments while organizing plans and designs for website projects while making sure it stays on the course of success. He manage the overall status of the project and has a strong background on Customer Service relations.



Web Designers in Cebu - Cebu Web DeveloperAmiel Naya – CMS Manager 

Also started as an Advance Technical Support and a Tier 2 support in 1and1.com for 3 years.  His main responsibility is to disseminate and teach new products to the team. He also provide continuous coaching and mentoring to the agents. His goal is to initiate other efforts to create strategies to improve the technical skills of the 1st level agents. Furthermore it helps provide quality service to all customers. Because of this experience, he also has strong background in Programming and other CMS applications.